On The Way: Library Friends

This cute lady is one of the most popular pieces of art in my Etsy shop.  She's a big hit over in the stationery section, that's for sure.  And over the years, I've gotten a lot of requests for her to have red hair, blonde hair, or darker skin, requests that I generally can't accommodate for an assortment of reasons.  But mostly?  It's because I drew this particular character how she's meant to be, with a color scheme that is just perfect for her.  She's just not the same with a different hair color, at least not to me.  

But she's in need of a few friends now, so for those of you who've requested blonde hair, red hair, or a darker skin tone, you'll be happy to know that three new library friends will be available soon-ish.  

I sketched them out last night and here's a look at them so far:


I'll be sure to keep you updated on the progress of these cuties!