Cleaning Up Shop Sale!

Even though July has just started, I'm already planning ahead for the holiday season, at least for my Etsy shop.  That means I'm doing a big clean up, pulling some items that no longer represent the direction I'm taking my work.  To that effect, I'm having a bit of a sale, running through tomorrow night.

All of my sticker sets are all sale for $3.50 each right now(normally they are $5 each).  I won't be restocking sticker sets until the fall and even then there will be a very limited selection of them.  A lot of the sticker sets in the shop right now won't be back at all!

The same goes for a selection of boxed stationery and mini letter writing sets.  They are on sale right now for 25% off.  Those that are currently on sale won't be returning to the shop once they are sold out.  

Part of my goal for the next year is to scale back on my Etsy shop.  Dramatically.  After the holiday season this year, you can expect to still see lots of prints but not so many stationery and sticker items.  It's sort of scary, thinking of scaling back a bit, but it feels like the best direction to go so I can have more time to create and branch out a bit in other directions.  

Until then, enjoy the sale and happy shopping!