Cintiq, A Quick Follow Up

As promised, I'm finally sitting down today to write a follow up post for this Cintiq 22HD review that I wrote back in April. After almost six months working with this fancy new tool, I'm still in love with it and still recommend it. It's not perfect, I won't lie, but that's par for the course with technology. There's enough to adore to outweigh the negative aspects.

My biggest gripe is that sometimes my computer won't recognize the tablet drivers. As in, I boot up my computer and the Cintiq won't work at all, and/or I get an error message about missing tablet drivers. It's an easy fix, rebooting my computer is all it takes. But it's an extra step that I could do without. I'm sure a bit more research online would find a solution to this problem as well, but it doesn't bother me enough to warrant a prolonged search.

But beyond that, it's smooth sailing these days!

One of my biggest complaints about my old Intuos 4 tablet was the quickness with which pen nibs wore out. If I had a busy illustration week, I would go through an entire nib in about a week! It was pretty ridiculous. With the Cintiq, because the screen is smoother, this isn't a problem. I'm still using the same nib I started out with six months ago and it hardly shows any wear at all.

As mentioned in my original review, I find that I'm more precise when drawing on the Cintiq. That means less redrawing and erasing and undoing which means time saved for drawing more things.

My favorite feature, by far, is the stand. Being able to move the Cintiq between flat down and almost straight up, while also being able to rotate it from side to side, has been a bit improvement for me. I have less pain in my wrist/fingers when I draw for long periods of time, because I can move the Cintiq around and change positions frequently. And when it's not in use, I can roll the Cintiq to the back of my desk, leaving plenty of space on my desk for other things.

I think that my biggest regret is that I didn't go for the Cintiq Companion. I wanted the bigger workspace of the Cintiq 22HD, but in hindsight, I think I would prefer the portability of the Hybrid. I often work long hours, especially if I'm working on a big project, and often feel like being able to work out on the back porch or even somewhere else in the house would be a welcome change. And being able to illustrate while traveling would also be a big plus. I doubt that I'll give up my 22HD, but I will be saving my pennies to add a Companion to the mix at some point in the future!