52 Birds: Vermilion Flycatcher

For 2015, I'm jumping into another weekly illustration project:  birds!  Going off my success with my 52 dogs project from last year, I'm sticking with similar principles for this one.  Mainly that I wanted I subject matter I'm already curious about/interested in, and that I wanted something that would push me to hone my skills in creating simple illustrations.  

Simplicity, you guys, it's tricky and it takes practice, at least for me.  But I truly enjoy making these simple little pieces of art that can breathe and be light.  It's a whole thing for me these days.  

Here's my first bird illustration of 2015!

He's a vermilion flycatcher.  Apparently when he's trying to garner the attention of a special lady friend, he presents her with a butterfly or another showy sort of insect.  Isn't he just the charming fellow?

I'm hoping this year to revive this blog a bit, so I'm expecting to keep up with posting these bird illustrations each week.  Or you can also keep up on Instagram, Tumblr, or Facebook!