Bunny Sleepover

I'm still plugging away on new portfolio work over here, focusing on simplifying shapes, but adding more fun details, and sticking with lots of color.  And spending more time on my sketches is helping me to save time in Photoshop.

I used to just work from a rough sketch and move right into coloring it in Photoshop, but my rough sketches tend to be just that, rough, and filled with all sorts of problems that need to be worked out.  I've found that working those problems out during the sketch phase saves so much time in the long run, so now it's rough sketch, revised sketches on the light box, and then going to Photoshop for color.  

It's a much more enjoyable and productive process, for me.  And here's a fine example of a much cleaner sketch from me: 

And then the finished illustration:

Bunny Sleepover illustration by Stephanie Fizer Coleman

Happy Monday!  I'm back to the drawing board this morning!