Blog Break!

Before I post this week's 52 Birds art, I wanted to let you--the few of you who still keep up with this sporadically updated blog--that I'm taking a blog break.  Maybe for a few weeks or a few months or maybe just forever.

I know for a lot of artists, blogging is an integral part of what they do, but for me, it's become a thing I feel guilty about not doing.  Because I post so often on my other social media accounts, I'm usually left feeling that there's nothing new to share here.  It's been a struggle and, for right now, I'm letting it go.  

I'm going to let it marinate a bit, whether or not I want to give it another go at some point, with a new focus and renewed energy.  

For now, you can always keep up with my work on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.  I post daily in at least one of those places, usually all four.  

But before I go, here's this week's 52 Birds illustration, a blackburnian warbler:

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Steph :)