A Photoshop Live Drawing Video: Cardinal

Excuse me while I dust this space off, after nearly a year's absence!  It seems a bit unreal to have been absent from this space for so long, but it's lovely to be back and to be inspired to share again.  

I've used the past few months to continue to share my work on Instagram and other social media platforms, to focus on my freelance work, and to slowly decide what the heck I would blog about when I decided to start blogging again.  Actually, I started Periscoping a few months ago, sharing weekly videos of Photoshop tutorials or live drawing sessions, and it reignited a fire in me, a desire to share my knowledge and help other artists along on their journeys.  

So in bringing back the blog, I'm planning to share my process and knowledge with you, keep you updated on my work, and share my inspirations as well.  New posts will be added on a semi-irregular basis at first, as I work regular blogging back into my schedule and my mindset.  

Part of this reignited fire to share lead me to teaching online classes again.  It's been a few years since my last class, but I'm bringing my Photoshop illustration skills to you with a new series of classes over on Atly.

My first class in this series, Photoshop for Illustrators: The Basics just launched this past week, and am happy to say is already helping students to create beautiful digital illustrations.  This class is beginner level and covers setting up your Photoshop workspace, importing sketches, the basic Photoshop drawing/painting tools, modifying your completed work, and keeping your Photoshop work organized with layers and groups.  The class is a combination of written lessons paired with 18 videos(3.5 hours total) including two full Photoshop illustrations demos.  

This class is the culmination of countless of hours of work - writing and recording lessons, and finding that perfect balance of enough knowledge to create successful Photoshop illustrations without feeling a thousand percent overwhelmed.  It will be followed up later in the year with two more classes that I'm already planning and dreaming up.  

Before you run off to sign up for the class, here's quick drawing demo I did for my class intro video.  Only a tiny portion of this was used for the video, so I wanted to share the whole thing here:  

Happy drawing!